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Welcome to the WIM As A Service documentation. On this Page you will find tutorials, scripts and FAQ to help you use our service.


WIM As A Service is an innovative online service developed by BaseVISION AG. This service allows you to configure WIM (Windows Imaging Format) files according to your personal requirements. The WIM files are then generated in our infrastructure. After generating such an image, you can download your own WIM file directly through your web browser. With this service we try to support your BASE operation tasks and give your employees more time for VISION tasks.

More overview Information you can find under:

More technical Information

More technical Information you can find on this site in the following chapters:


With WIM2USB, you don't need a deployment solution like MDT or Config Manager. You can deploy your images just with a USB Stick and even customize the deployment and add drivers.

If you would like to get a free copy of WIM2USB please contact us at

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