Tenant Switching

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Due to our improved support terms, you have the opportunity to buy Application Management and WimAsAService Module SLA. The tenant switching feature is a big help. Once you run in trouble with your Syntaro tenant you can give direct access to an engineer of ours or your partner.


Your support engineer has to be a guest user of your Azure AD, linked with the Syntaro tenant. An invitation email will be sent to your support engineer that he has to accept. Once the invitation is accepted you have to assign the user the corresponding rights on your Syntaro Tenant under permissions.

Create External User in Azure AD (Customers site)

Go to your Azure AD Portal via the link:

Sing in with administrative credentials if necessary.

GoTo AADUsers.png
Go to the "Azure Active Directory" menu point.

Select "Users".

Select CreateNewGuestUser.png
On the top, click on "New guest user".
Enter the email address of your supporting partner. Give the invitation a useful description and click on "Invite".

Accept the invitation (Supporters site)

Go to your mailbox provider and search for the invitation mail of your customer.

Click on "Get Started".

Review the permissions and if you agree with them, click on "Accept".
Wait while the access for your account is getting created.

Allow the account to access Syntaro (Customers site)

GoTo TenantPermissions.png
Login to your Syntaro tenant.

Then go to the Marketplace and select "Permissions"

GoTo TenantAdmin.png
Select "Tenant Admin".
On the user assignments click on the "plus" symbol.
Add UserAsTenantAdmin.png
Search for the supporter email address.

Tick the checkbox next to the user and finally click on "ADD".

Access your customers tenant (Supporters site)

Login to your Syntaro tenant.

On top of the Syntaro website click on the arrow.
Then expand the list entry "Change Tenant". (If it`s not visible yet, reload the page.)
Click on the name of your customers tenant to switch the Syntaro tenant.