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This Page will help you start with Syntaro and explain you how to use it.

Important notes befor you start

Here are tow Prerequisites to get in to the Portal:
1. You have to have a Global Admin Account of your Azure Tenant. This is only needed for the first Login and is used to connect Syntaro with your Azure Subscription.

2. Directly after you have successfully logged in, go and fill out the "Edit Tenant" Section, otherwise you can't find any Subscription on the Marketplace have a quick look here:
Edit Tenant

Now you are ready to start, login at the Syntaro Portal and fill out your Tenant Settings.

Register to Syntaro Portal

Login to the Syntaro Portal.
Do not forget you need a Global Admin account from your Company Azure Tenant.
With that, Syntaro connects to your Azure tenant and gives you the possibility to choose others User Accounts from your company and give them rights in Syntaro.


You need to give Syntaro some rights to your Azure Tenant.( This Page will be in your selected Language.)


You then need to accept the EULA.


Now you need to login again. (That is only necessary the first time.)

Login again

You need to give Syntaro the rights to your Azure Tenant again.( This Page will be in your selected Language.)


The you will have to wait fore a short Time.


First when you have logged in, go to your account settings and select “Edit Tenant”:
This is very Important if you don't do that we will not be able to provide licenses to you.

Edit Tenant

Type in your Company Details. You can also select additional admins (like global admins in the Syntaro Portal) Save it.

Now you are ready to start using the Modules.
As an example you can start with the Application Management Module and add a Subscription for that.