Syntaro Portal Release Notes

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1811 - 13. Dec 2018

Syntaro Application Management:

  • Feature: Devices can be deleted from the Device List. In particular useful for restaged, decommissioned or duplicate devices.
  • Feature: Device List Cleanup is a new functionality of Syntaro App Management. A period can be defined within which the device has to get in contact with Syntaro. If it doesn't the device will get removed from the device list.
  • Bugfix: The infinite scroll issue on the device list has been solved.

Syntaro Portal:

  • Feature: Tenant switching has been implemented. You can give access to your supporting partner. With that functionality, collaborative work is made a lot easier for all involved.
  • Feature: An OData Interface is now available. With it you can consume information regarding your Syntaro environment.


  • Modules: SLA for the Application Management and WimAsAService modules were added. If you are reliant on guaranteed response times, this is the right module for you.


  • Functionality: Application Management and WimAsAService trials can now be requested even if your trial has expired or you've bought licenses. Feel free to contact us with your individual requests here.

1805 - 27. May 2018

Syntaro Application Management P2:

Syntaro Application Management:

  • Feature: New Incremental Scheduled Task will use lower resources during execution and only check changed assignments.
  • Feature: Scheduled Tasks checks after execution, if there was a change in assignments during execution and then executes again if required.
  • Feature: More RuckZuck Packages are available in the repository. Requires latest RuckZuck OneGet Provider.
  • Feature: Improved Logging Capabilities, now you can also enable file based logging instead of just Windows Event logging.
  • Feature: A lot of new settings are possible on the devices.
  • Feature: Is latest Tag on a package is now renamed to (Archive/Production) according to the new Application Management P2 module.
  • Feature: Ability to specify an available time. Clients will only install this version when the available time is reached.

Syntaro Portal:

  • Feature: Customers can now select the Partner which helped to implement the feature.
  • Feature: You can now specify a contact person and VAT Number for your tenant. It will be printed on the invoice.

1803 - 14. Mar 2018

Syntaro Application Management:

  • Feature: Deployed package version is now displayed per client in the inventory
  • Feature: You can now Update the base Script centrally for all packages
  • Feature: Improved Logging Capabilities
  • Feature: Initial script Tab is now the aligned with a normal packaging flow
  • Feature: Signing MSI & PS Scripts to improve Security
  • Bugfix: Filehash Calculation

Syntaro Portal:

  • Feature: Preperations for new Modules

1801 - 19. Jan 2018

Syntaro Portal:

  • Feature: Marketplace improvement
  • Feature: E-Mail Invoices
  • Feature: Smother sign in process for new customers
  • Feature: Trial's can now be ordered in seconds without interaction of baseVISION.

1.2.2 - 02. Oct. 2017

Syntaro Portal:

  • Bugfix: Authentication Token generation after Timeout of 2 hours fixed

1.2.1 - 18. Sept. 2017

Syntaro Application Management:

  • Feature: Performance Optimization for End Clients
  • Feature: BranchCache Support
  • Feature: Improved Logging Capabilities
  • Bugfix: File Hash Calculation

Syntaro WimAsAService

  • Availability of Module

Syntaro Portal:

  • Optimized Processes in Marketplace