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Syntaro 1908

AppManagement Version Numbers not always showing up
We had some clients asking us about the version numbers in AppManagement. At the moment, devices do not always display the version number in the device list of an installed package. The fix to this problem is estimated for the next release of Syntaro to eliminate these confusing display problems.

Syntaro 1905

NotFoundInRepo could be increased althoug the packgage exists - FIXED
There was an issue in the backend that could lead to a registry threshold Value (NotFoundInRepo) that exists per package to increase. That value gets increase every Time a Syntaro scheduled task runs on a client, and that specific Package is not found on the Server. Once that Value reaches 5 that Package will be ignored in future runs of the scheduled task. Since we assume that it no longer exists. To help you reset those NotFoundInRepo values to 0 we created a tutorial that describes how you can achieve that. You find that tutorial here

Syntaro 1807

Devices Appearing Multiple Times in Device List - FIXED (Deleting Devices)
We received some complaints regarding the Syntaro Device Counters and Lists. Customers contacted us because devices were not being listed in the Device List or had been added twice.
As far as we know currently there are issues when resetting and re-enrolling a device. After resetting the device it will appear twice in the Syntaro lists. This is expected behavior and a solution is already in work and with the next release of Syntaro such problems can be solved independently.

Device Counts Seem Wrong - BEING TESTED
For the other issue with device counters we are working close together with our web developers. We hope to document the functionality and if feasible get this fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.