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Welcome to the Syntaro Wiki Page.

On this wiki you will find information and help about Syntaro and it's modules.

Syntaro Signet-865.png Syntaro Portal & Marketplace

In this section you can discover the topics around signup, billing, trials and billing of the modules.

Logo Syntaro ApplicationManagement.png Application Management

Learn more about deploying apps with Microsoft Intune and the Application Management Module including the P2 Plan features.

Syntaro WimAsAService orange-865.png WimAsAService

Learn more about generating your WIM files.

Syntaro Enrollment gelb 865.png Advanced Autopilot

The Advanced Autopilot is often used in combination with Windows AutoPilot or provisioning packages, which provide basic configuration settings.

Syntaro Group Policy gruen-865.png GPO to MSI

Group Policy to MSI allows an administrator to deploy the same policies to Intune managed devices as he can use with Active Directory.

Syntaro Benutzer Setting gruen 865.png Active User Setup

Active User Setup gives you a way to execute something when your user is logged on. For example: user settings for an application installation. It’s almost the same as Active Setup from Microsoft, but our solution will survive an Inplace Windows upgrade.