Application Managemnt Test Package

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To test the Package you created in the portal, just make sure that the Base Package is installed on your test device. You can Install all Packages over PowerShell and also test versions, which are currently not in Archive Deployment Ring. You can also enable Verbose and Debug output's to get more information about the decisions the package provider is doing.

AppManagament ImportModule 0021.png
First you need to load the Package Provider by opening a PowerShell Prompt (admin rights) and use the command.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass
Import-PackageProvider -Name Syntaro
Testing 002.png
To list your Packages from the Provider use:

Find-Package -ProviderName Syntaro
If you have more then on Package use the search string like this:

Find-Package -ProviderName Syntaro "google*"
Testing 004.png
So now you have any Information about your Package (Important is just the Name). You can now install the Package trough PowerShell with this command:

Install-Package -ProviderName Syntaro -Name "Google_Chrome"

If you would like to install a specific package version, you can specify the version with the -RequiredVersion Parameter:

Install-Package -ProviderName Syntaro -Name "Google_Chrome" -RequiredVersion ""
Testing 006.png
To see if the Package is correctly installed you can either check in the Programs and Features Section of the Control Panel or use the following PowerShell command:

Get-Package -ProviderName Syntaro


If you would like to see more about the installation progress, then you can Append "-Verbose -Debug" to all of the commands to get detailed information on the command prompt.