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As an Example in Syntaro

To have some great experience we also added a 3 Party Package Provider ( from Roger Zander) Great to have that experience and a lot of Packages that are ready to install, without doing that much. Keep in mind to also contribute to the repository, when you are using packages from there.

RZ Overview

RZ = RuckZuck developed from Roger Zander on his separate website RuckZuck Here is what Roger mentions on his Site:

What is RuckZuck? RuckZuck is a free Software Package Manager for Windows, designed to keep the Software on your System(s) up to date even if the Software was not installed with RuckZuck. The Tool provides an easy graphical User-Interface to install or upgrade software with just a few clicks. It also provides a wizard to create and upload new Software entries to the repository. So if you miss a software, create a new record ! Professional Users can use the RuckZuck Package Provider to manage Software with simple PowerShell commands (Install the Provider and OneGet with RuckZuck). You can create a Scheduled-Task that automatically updates the System with a single PowerShell command.

Here you can find the Full Dokumentation RuckZuck Documentation

Deploy RuckZuck Package Provider

Download the RuckZuck Package Provider from RZ Provider MSI and deploy the MSI trough Intune as you deploy our MSI files.

RZ Package Management

If you have deployed the RuckZuck Package Provider to your devices, then you are ready to go and can start us the packages. Keep in mind, that these packages are provided from an open source community and nor baseVISION or the open source community is liable or provides support for these packages. If you discover an error, then the community is happy, if you share your feedback and correct the package son your own.

Ruckzuck external pkg.png
Go to the first menu Blade and open "External Packages"
Ruckzuck pkg list.png
You can see the whole list of all the Packages which are available in the RuckZuck library. This Packages are configured and controlled by the RuckZuck community, so we think, that you can trust this Repository. But be careful and test them first. The integration in Syntaro will bring a big benefit for you and help you to do it light and simple. We have no options to change these Packages. If you like to have your own Packages in RuckZuck feel free to go to and add your own Packages.

You can download the MSI files like for the Syntaro Packages and deploy this MSI file with Intune to your clients.

Create your own RuckZuck Packages and test them

Use the Description from Roger Zander to install Ruck Zuck Packages direct on a client
How RZ install works

If you like to create your Own RuckZuck Packages here is a description:
RuckZuckTool to create Package