Application Management Uninstall your Package

From Syntaro Help

Uninstall 001.png
To uninstall a certain package you have to change the assignment of the dummy MSI package in Intune. To do this, navigate to your Intune portal and click on the option "Client Apps". In the newly opened blade navigate to "Apps". You should now see a list with all your deployed packages.

Select the package you want to uninstall and select the "assignment" option on the left side. Change the assignment of the package according to your use case. For the example we will uninstall the package for every device.

After the assignment changed it will take some time until Intune will uninstall the dummy MSI on your devices. The uninstall will also trigger Syntaro's scheduled task which will uninstall the program itself.

You do not have to change anything in the Application Management Portal. What you can do is to set the package to "Archive" when you made sure, that the package is uninstalled on every device. If it is still installed, the scheduled task will count up the NotFoundInRepo Key of the package which can cause problems later on if you want to reinstall the package.