Application Management Prerequisites

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Microsoft Intune

To use the Application Management Module and to deploy the basic Package and all the Placeholder MSI's you need a Windows Intune Subscription. All the Devices you want to install Applications on must be enrolled in Intune.


Microsft Intune has different Limitations, Microsoft Intune is running on Different platforms like Android, iOS and Most of the Windows operating Systems.

Link Supported Versions from Microsoft Intune

Operating Systems

Supported OS

We have tested a lot of Windows Operating System Versions, here are the Supported Versions
- Windows 8
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 10 (Home, Pro, Education, and Enterprise versions) Branches: 1607, 1703, Insider Preview (most of them)


- Windows RT
- Windows S
- Windows Phone
- any Devices running Windows 10 IoT
- Windows Holographic


Internet Proxy

LWMC Clients do not support authenticated proxies for all Tasks. Especially the following Url’s need to be open without Authentication:
Application Management:******