Application Management Deploy your Package with Intune

From Syntaro Help

Intune 001.png
We can download the Dummy MSI Package from Syntaro Application Management and import it into Intune and deliver the Package to all Clients you need.
Intune 002.png
Download the Dummy Package MSI.
Intune 003.png
Go to the Intune Portal on and create an LOB App.
Intune 004.png
Intune 005.png
Select the placeholder MSI you downloaded from Syntaro and press OK.
Intune 006.png
Select Configure.

You can change the Properties at a later time if you like.
Intune 007.png
You can now see it in the Application List as a “Windows Mobile MSI LOB app”.
Intune 008.png
The only thing you need to do now is to create a group with the desired Users or Devices in it and assign the App to them.

And now, Happy Deploying :-)

You can find further Step by step guides and examples here.