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Base Script

The Base Script in the main menu is a template, which is added to all of your new packages. Therefore, you can provide helpful functions, which makes your life a lot easier. All of these functions will be available in the scripts you define in your packages. For the start, we provide an example, which is a good starting point for you. From time to time, we will also update it to provide more and more functions. You will find the newest Base Script on our GitHub Repository

The Base Script Template is always copied to new packages, so when you change the template, it will not update the base Script in your existing packages and therefore, you don't have to test everything when changing something.

Change Base Script Template

App mgmt base detail.png
Go to the Application Management menu, and open the Base Script blade.
App mgmt base.png
You can add your own functions or just use the one we provide. Save the Base Script and you can use it in your new packages or click on "Save and Update" to update the Base Script in all existing packages. Now you are ready to create your first package.