Application Management Base Package

From Syntaro Help

The Base Package has to be installed on all clients. It has all the logic for Syntaro Application Management in it.

Deploy the Base Package to your devices

AppManagament BasePackage 001.png
To get started, we need to deploy the Base Package, which can be downloaded directly from the navigation pane of Syntaro. It is already customized with your API keys and is bound to your repository. It contains Scheduled Tasks, PowerShell Package Provider and your API key. That is all you need on your devices, there is no service or agent needed which consumes no processing power when not used. (We like it light)
AppManagament BasePackage 003.png
You can import this MSI package to Microsoft Intune and create an application (MDM msi).
AppManagament BasePackage 004.png
Now you can assign the application as “Required” to the Windows 10 devices you like to manage. If you like, you can test the installation on a device by using the PowerShell Package Provider or you can continue the Quickstart and setup the Base Script.

You see, installing the Syntaro Base Package on a device trough Intune is simple. We really like to do it light.